Do you work hard to write good content And even then your website is not getting a good ranking in the Search Engine? Or your website is not showing on the first page in any search engine. So this means there is some lack of on your website’s On Page SEO. Today, We Will Fix This Issue.

What is SEO? And why do? After telling in detail, I am going to tell you some important things about On SEO on the basis of your experience today.

We all know that Content is the only King. But even though writing very good content, our website does not even come in the first page of the search engine. There can be several reasons for this. So we have to overcome all these shortcomings. And first, you have to fix the On-Page SEO of your website.

According to our research and experience, here, I have told Mostly Every details about Advance Technologies of On Page SEO. I hope this article will help you to fix your website’s On Page SEO.

On Page SEO Advance Tips

High-quality SEO Optimized Content

Search engine Optimization hindi

As I mentioned earlier, the article is the king. If you write good Higher-quality SEO Optimized Content then it is a great thing. If you are not able to write it then you need to pay the most attention to this point.

It is very important to have your Unique Article and High-quality SEO Optimized. This means It should not be copied from anywhere, you can read different articles and write them in your own language accordingly.

Use your Main Keyword at least Eight to Ten Times when you type the article. And use the related keywords with your main keyword. Whenever you type an article on any topic, it is considered good to have an article of at least 600 to 700 words.

Use Your Main Keyword in Title

SEO Keywords

Whenever you are writing the title of your article, then enter your main keyword in it. This is called SEO Optimized Title. Because the title appears in the search engine First. And if the main keyword is at the beginning of the title then it’s great.

If possible, use Modifiers in the title. The reader from this will feel interesting, and he/she will click on your link to come to your website.

LIKE - Full guide, Best, Quick, Top 5 and 10, Solved, etc. 

Type Title in the <h1> Heading Tag

On Page SEO Tips Study

Always write Title in <h1> Heading tag. It depends on the theme of you. Whether it is in the title heading tag or not. Most of The Themes Have This by Default. If not, set the title to the heading tag in the theme’s CSS.

Also, keep in mind that there is only 1 tag in your article. And That Should been on the title. More Heading tags can confuse the search engine.

Insert Main Keyword in the First Paragraph

Enter the main keyword of your article at least one time in the first paragraph. From this, the search engine will be able to understand your main keyword.

If possible, Bold the Main Keyword. Write 200 to 250 words in the first paragraph. Write each paragraph line 3 to 4, from which the reader does not have difficulty. By reading the extra-large paragraph, the reader becomes bored several times. And the search engine also has difficulty understanding it.

Sub-Heading <h2> Use of Tag


Insert at least 3 to 4 Sub Heading in your article. Type subheading <h2> tag. And use the related keywords from your main keyword in Sub Heading.

With a subheading, you can better understand your article. And this helps the search engine to understand your article. After all, the article has been correctly told or not.

Use of SEO Friendly URL, URL must be Keyword

Search Box Vector

Make your post’s URL SEO Friendly. And enter the main keyword in the URL. Do not overwrite the URL too long. Modifiers will add more to the main keyword.

Like: (SEO Friendly URL)


Like: (avoid this type of URL.)


Meta Title, Meta Description Tag

Meta Discription SEO Friendly

The Meta Title and Meta description tag is very important in every website. It tells the search engine that what is written in the article. So when we write any blog article on our website, then present the meta title and meta description correctly.

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Meta title and meta description tag are given in the source code of the web page. If your website is made in HTML then you have to enter it yourself. If your website is built on WordPress or blogger, then there is an option for it.

In this way, you give Meta Title and Meta Description tag in your website.

        <title> How To Make free-international-calls </ title>
<meta name = " description " content = "On your website's On Page SEO to get good rank in search engine" />

Use Favicon

Favicon is a small icon. Which appears in the browser time of our website. Use it to give a nice look to our website.

You can give a Favicon icon on your website in this way.

If You Are Using WordPress or Blogger Then There is Default Option To Change Favicon of Your Website in Customization.

Responsible Website Design

Responsive Website

In today’s time, most users use the internet with their mobile and tablet. Therefore, it is very important to have the Responsible web design of your website.

Since Google has started the mobile first indexing service. Since then it has become very important that the design of your website Should be Responsible. Its direct impact is on the ranking of your website in the search engine.

Responsible web design means that your website is properly displayed on every device. Nowadays Mostly 80% of themes are Responsible. And your website’s theme is not Responsible, then you change it as soon as possible.

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Although You Are Using WordPress Then You Can Use Plugins Called “AMP” This Will Make Your Website Responsive Easily No Coding Required. (Although You Are Reading This on Mobile This Article Would Look Different)

Boost the website speed.

Seo Image Speed up

If your blog or website Has very slow load Time. So its direct impact falls on the SEO of your website. The speed of the website is very important for SEO.

If your website is slow loading, the visitor will close before visiting your website. And there will be Less traffic to your website So you should try to reduce the load time of your website.

For that, you must first see the load time of your website. You can use The Google Page Speed Test Tool, GTmetrix, Pingdom Tools to check load time.

All these tools tell you that, for what reasons your website is slow. And what you need to do to increase the speed of your website.


Cloudflare HD Logo

Content Delivery Network (CDN) This is a kind of network. Which works between your website and the visitor. Like if your website’s server is in the USA. And if you are from India whoever visits your website then It Will Send Request To USA Server Then The Result Will Get Back. This may take some time for your website to load from the USA server.

So Content Delivery Network (CDN) works as if the visitor of your website shows the website from the same country server. This reduces the load time of your website.

You Can Use CloudFlare CDN Because It Offers Free Service.

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript


If you have done HTML, CSS and JavaScript Minification in your website, then the speed of your website increases. And it proves to be helpful for On Page SEO.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Minification mean that, if your website has more than 1 CSS or JavaScript files, then Minification adds them to a file, and removes any unused coding between those files. This makes our website’s CSS and JavaScript files load quickly, and our website’s load time is reduced. This is also true in HTML Minification.

Optimize images, and use Alt Tag

On Page SEO Rocket Booster

Optimize all the images used on your website. This will cut the load time of the website. And the search engine will get higher rankings.

To optimize images, you have to cut the size of the photo. Without reducing the quality. Use “CompressImage by Toolur” Just Upload The Image And It Will Reduce The Size of Image Without Losing Its Quality. Upload the compressed Image to the web site And Test Speed Again.

Whenever you put any photo in your post or article, use Alt Tag in it. Alt Tag seems to know about our photos. In Alt Tag Use Your main keyword. If possible, keep the name of the photo also related to the main keyword.

Using the alt tag, the search engine can rank your photo as well. And your website can also get traffic through that photo.

Buy web hosting server From Your Country.

Best Blog Hosting

Buy Your Countries web hosting Server only. If your website Got visitors from countries around Your Own Country, then you can buy your website’s server only from That Country Or The Nearby.Best On Page SEO Guide

This means that visitors coming to your website when they open your website. Because of Local Server, your website will Load Faster.

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Internal Linking

Sitemap SEO

Whenever you are writing any blog post or article. Put your Related Article’s links to That Article internally. This will allow visitors to your website to fall in this article, as well as possible. Also, read from the related Internal Linking Articles. This will cut the bounce rate of your website.

Internal linking also provides great help to search engines. From this, search engines know that, and your website has articles and articles related to this article. And along with that Search Engine quickly indexes your articles.

Use of Outbound Links

SEO Outbound Links
Glyph Icon

When you are writing an article, try to include at least two outbound links (external site link) in it.

From this, search engines know that you have mentioned that website in your article. This also makes a great difference to the SEO of your website.

Keep in mind that the website you are using Outbound Links is an Authority site. This increases the confidence of search engine and visitors to your website.

Check Broken Links For On Page SEO

Broken Link Vector

Check your website Broken links from time to time. Many times we do not even know That We Have many of our Broken links in our website. Regardless of whether it is an internal or external link, check them out from time to time.

If you do not fix Broken links on your website, visitors coming to your website may have trouble. And Also Search Engines Does not like Broken Links.

If You Use WordPress. There Are Plugins Called “Broken Links Checker” It is Really Helpful. Also, Some Great SEO Plugins Shows us All The Broken Links.

Secure website with HTTPS

Secure Website SSL

If you want your website’s ranking to be good, then you must definitely secure your website with HTTPS. With this increasing your website’s search ranking, visitors coming to your website also have trust on your website.

If a visitor comes to your website and the URL of your website is not Secure written then visitors who visit your website may not like it. And they close your website.

In Simple Words Use SSL Certificates. You Can Get It For Free From CloudFlare or Let’s Encrypt. We Will Help You Too.

Setting robots.txt file

On Page SEO 2019

Make sure to create a robots.txt file on your website server. Robots.txt This is a text file that tells robots (Search Engine Robots) to show which page to index in the search engine and not to index it. Did You Like Our On Page SEO Guide?

From Robots.txt you can also tell the search engine robot to Check your website’s Sitemap. With this file, you can prevent file and folders from being Crawled from your website.

Generate Sitemap.xml

Search engine Optimization Guide 2019

Every website Sitemap.xml is very important. From this, the search engine learns what is the URL of the articles written on your website. The sitemap allows search engines to index your website easily.


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This article, I have tried to present some important information about On-Page SEO in terms of your Experience and existing search engine algorithm in front of you. It may be good if you already know about some of these points. If your website is ranked in the search engine, anything from this article helps, then the purpose of writing this article will be complete. You Can Check MOZ’s Guide on What is SEO.

Even if you know about Some More Things About On-page SEO And We have not written in This article, you can comment and tell us. And if you have any questions related to your On Page SEO, do not forget to comment Below.


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