CCTV camera visuals that have been shared from Tuticorin indicate that the details mentioned in the FIR pertaining to the Jayaraj-Bennix, (father-son) case are completely false. 

The Police version, as stated in the FIR (originally in Tamil) mentions that – “Besides Jayaraj and his son Bennix who own the shop, there were also few others gathered outside the shop. When we politely requested them to leave, the others left the scene. But the father-son duo sat down there adamantly and verbally abused us and challenged us saying – “mind your business and leave”. After that they rolled on the ground, thus resulting in some injuries.”

The FIR also mentions that – “Given the lockdown in place, we again requested them politely and asked them to leave. The duo didn’t listen to us and threatened to beat and kill us. We have picked up both of them and brought them to the station and filed this FIR. Under these times, they obstructed us from performing our duty, and also threatened to kill us.”

The FIR states that the duo was booked under Sections 188, 269, 294(b), 353, and 506(ii) IPC by Sub Inspector Raghu Ganesh. 

However, a few CCTV clips from outside APJ mobiles shop that was owned by the father-son duo don’t match the Police version. 

Locals say that when the Police had called Jayaraj towards the vehicle he had gone to them without resisting (it is not available on video). But, what is clearly seen on camera is how his son Bennix(wearing a cream-colored shirt and black pant) and a few others seem to be inside the shop and are not resisting the cops’ efforts. Contrary to what is stated in the FIR, Bennix is neither seen sitting in protest or resisting the cops’ efforts by rolling on the ground.

People from Sathankulam say that Jayaraj (father) was first picked up by the cops and taken to the station, after which the son had himself gone to check on his father. 

The detailed report is based on eyewitnesses’ versions and that of locals. 


In the 7-min clip, Bennix is seen from (4:28 – 5:30) 

In the attached videos, Jayaraj (father) is not in the frame. Jayaraj is said to have already gone to the cops. But in the visuals, the son (Bennix) is very much in the frame(wearing a cream-colored shirt and black pant) he goes out of the shop, locals say he notices his father being taken away. After which Bennix comes back into the shop and starts making phone calls.

Locals say the visuals prove that there were not many people gathered outside the shop. Nobody left the scene after the warnings mentioned in FIR. Father-son duo are not seen indulging in any protest/resistance or rolling on the ground. In the visuals, Bennix is seen returning to the shop. Locals say only the father was taken away, but FIR states that both were taken away. 

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