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As pension and global warming fuel tax riots continue, French climate activists have expressed their anger at President Macron for failing to deliver on his climate promises.

Macron vows ‘fight of the century’ against climate change

Macron visits melting glacier, but opponents decry it as an electoral stunt.

France’s leader on Thursday called the battle against climate change and environmental destruction “the fight of the century”, after visiting a melting glacier in the French Alps.

But Macron faces vociferous opposition on multiple fronts over climate change. Activists say his lobbying for global action is not backed up by sufficient French government measures to curb the greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming. France is behind on its European renewable energy commitments, ranking second from bottom in the EU, according to Eurostat.

Macron has also delayed by 10 years plans to reduce the share of French energy derived from nuclear power from 71 percent to 50 percent.

Beyond the government, opponents in France’s yellow vest economic protest movement fiercely opposed Macron’s efforts to raise fuel taxes to combat pollution, complaining that the move penalised regular workers on tight budgets.

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Can anyone think of a single important policy initiative which President Macron has successfully introduced? Macron promised the impossible, but inevitably failed to deliver. Now pretty much everyone thinks he is a failure.

February 13, 2020 in Climate Politics.

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