There are Various Ways to Ask A girl Out ! But Trust Me These Method Will Blow Your Mind!

How to ask a girl out

Let’s start with what should be the obvious don’ts.


  • Be ambiguous or vague. This just leads to confusion and puts the girl in an awkward position where she may not know how to respond.
  • Wait weeks or even months to get up the courage. Many attempts to ask girls out end in a no, so don’t waste your life waiting to get up the courage. Rejection won’t kill you, but it will definitely expedite your dating life and help you move on to people who may actually be interested in you.
  • Ask her out if you don’t have a clear plan. If you want to spend time getting to know a girl, invite her into something clear. Have an activity planned or at least a few options to pick from. Two options of activities to do is far better than an open ended thing where you are expecting her to come up with the date.
  • say things like, “We should hang out sometime.” What is a girl supposed to do with that. Is it a date? Is it just as friends? Will there be other people there?
  • stay in the friend zone indefinitely. If you like a girl, the sooner you ask her out, the better. If she says no, it will likely change the friendship—but that friendship was never going to stay the way it was long term. You’ll find someone else and start dating them, and they probably won’t like you having super close friends of the opposite sex.
  • be fearful or hesitant. A girl wants to be asked out by someone who is confident and sure of themselves. The last thing she needs is someone with self-esteem problems. If you’re a good guy with some good qualities about you, don’t act like you don’t expect them to say yes. They may say no anyway, but if you want good chances, go in confident.
  • text her to ask her out. Call me old-fashioned, but give her the dignity of a phone call or ask her in person. A phone call says, “I’m willing to take a risk to go on a date with you.” A text plays it safe.

Now let’s get to a few specifics. When you ask her out…

  • get to the point. Don’t beat around the bush constantly. In the words of Nike, “Just do it.”
  • be confident, but not arrogant. You may be a good guy, but don’t act like you are the best thing since sliced bread. Confidence is attractive. Cockiness is not. Confidence says you are comfortable in your own skin. Cockiness says you think you’re all that and a bag of chips. You’re not.
  • give her a genuine compliment. If you are just meeting her, saying something like, “Those shoes are amazing” or “You have a great sense of style” is better than “Wow, you are so beautiful.” The first compliments something she chose and had a say in. It says, “You have great fashion sense.” The second just points out that she hit the genetic lottery. It’s not bad to tell a girl she’s beautiful—just start with something a little deeper and more observant.
  • give her a clear yes/no decision to make. Memorize the phrase, “Can I take you to dinner Friday night?” Then use it. She will either say yes or no, or she will say something like, “I’d love to but I already have plans Friday. How’s Sunday night for you?” If you want a clear answer, ask a clear question. But don’t spend months putting out feelers. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. Wanna get a feel for if a girl is interested in dating you? It’s all good to see if they smile around you and seem to genuinely be interested in talking to you for a little bit, but if she is and you’re interested in her, ASK HER OUT. You’ll know real quick if it’s going anywhere.

Anyway, that’ the gist of it. Most guys don’t go on that many dates because…drumroll…they don’t ask many girls on dates. They wait around putting out feelers for months and then a more decisive guy comes in and wins the day. The moral of the story is be the decisive guy. I was watching the olympics last time around and I had an epiphany. Nice guys don’t finish last, but SLOW GUYS DO. If you want to win in the dating world, don’t jump the gun and get disqualified, but DON’T BE SLOW.

Happy dating.

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