Fix HTTP Error 500 . Also Called Internal Server Error. But First Know Why This Happens. Error 500 is Mostly Common WordPress Error. This Can Also, Destroy Your Website. As Compared To Other Errors. This Doesn’t Give Any Info. Some Beginners Gets Frustrated By This. In This Article We Will fix http 500 error.

500 Internal Server Error Fix
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fix http 500 error

Why And What Cause This HTTP 500 Server Error?

HTTP 500 server error code is a general message and it occurs when something unexpected things with your web server to corrupt the (.htaccess, because the plugin, be complete PHP Memory limit, to be core files corrupt of WordPress) is Since your server does not provide any information, and instead of showing you a normal web page, an internal server error appears.

1). Plugin or Theme function: If you have installed or updated a new plugin soon, then the plugin may not be compatible with your wordpress theme, so this error can occur.

2). Incorrect Editor coding: If you have done some coding in wordpress editor and immediately after this error has started, then it will be due to incorrect coding.

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3). Corrupted .htaccess file: Sometimes the wrong. Coding of WordPress’s .htaccess file also gets corrupted, causing the problem of internal server.

4). PHP Memory Limit: If wordpress http 500 error occurs when you login or upload an image in a post, then it means that your memory limit has expired….



Wordfence WordPress Logo

1 . Search And Download Wordfence Assistant Plugin.

Wordfence Assistant

2 . Open WF Assistant Plugin From Sidebar.

fix http 500 error

3 . Click On Disable Wordfence Automatic Updates.

Wordfence Assistant Plugin reset

4. Then Click On Disable Wordfence Firewall.

fix http 500 error

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5. Last But Not Least Step By Step. First Delete All Wordfence Data And Tables. Afterthat, Clear all Wordfence Locked out IPs, Locked out Users etc. Finally, Click on Delete All Live Traffic Data.

Wordpress Wordfence Assistant Plugin



1 . Go To cPanel And in Your Public_Html Find User.ini File. Remove Or Rename it ToUser.ini.Old”. Save This And Check Your Website is It Working. If Yes Then Follow Ahead Otherwise Use Automatic Method Above.

Http 500 error User.ini

2. Then Find Below That “wordfence-waf.php“. Again Remove Or Rename This File. Check Your Website And Thats It. Your Issue is Now Resolved.

Wordfence Reset Method


How to Fix Corrupt .htaccess File

1). If you have installed or updated a plugin before the WordPress error is encountered, then you have to uninstall all the plugins. Now you can not log in into WordPress then how to uninstall plugin?

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So first you have to open the cPanel of your blog hosting. Now click on File Manager and click on public_html in the left side and click wp_content.

You will now see a table with the name of the plugins name, whose name you have to change. You can click on it by right-clicking on the mouse and clicking on the Rename option, let’s put a name like plugin_old.

fix http 500 error

Now login to the WordPress Dashboard and check whether the dashboard is open or not. If this error was due to a plugin, you will now be logged in WordPress. Now if you login into WordPress then go to settings and click permalinks and click on Save settings. If WordPress error is not solved yet, then you have to read further so that you can work on another option.

2). If you have been coding in some kind of WordPress editor and then error has occurred, then you have to go into the file manager in Cpanel and remove the coding from the file that was edited from public_html as if it was in the file of index.php Then click on the option of index.php to right-click and edit and remove that code from there and log in to your WordPress.

fix http 500 error

3). If your WordPress HTTP 500 error is not solved then it may be that the .htaccess file has been corrupted, then go to Hosting cPanel and click on File Manager and click on public_html and right click on the .htaccess option on Rename Click and place any other name like .htaccess_old After this, login to WordPress and see if login is done, go to settings and click permalinks and click Save settings.

Fix HTTP Error

4). If your problem is not solved then you will have to increase the Php memory limit, for which, go to cPanel’s File Manager and click on public_html; If you have a memory limit problem then you will get the option of php.ini from where Right click on edit and press CTRL_F to search memory_limit and save memory limit to 64.

5). If WordPress error is not finished then you have to change the theme, then go to File Manager in cPanel and click on public_html and rename themes folder by going to wp_content.

fix http 500 error

6). If you still have not solved your problem, now you have to contact the hosting provider company of your blog, you can mail them and tell your problem if you will help.


Increasing Your PHP Memory Limit in WordPress

PHP memory limit is set by WordPress and Your Hosting Service. WordPress will endeavor to expand your limit on the off chance that you start surpassing it, however, it can just go as high as the limit your host has set on your server. This limit is frequently lower for shared hosting plans. You have to expand your PHP memory limit in WordPress and revive your site to test whether this is causing your 500 internal server error.

Go To Your cPanel And Open your root directory, and find your wp-config.php file. Right-click on the file and select Download it to your PC. Open the file in your favored Text Editor tool, and include this code under the opening PHP tag:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

Save the file, and re-transfer it to your root directory, overwriting the first file. Refresh the Database and your site. In the event that regardless you see the error, you are not having PHP memory limit issues. Remove the code You Added from the wp-config.php file on your PC, Save File, and re-transfer it to your root directory.

Other Less Common Solutions For Fix HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

fix http 500 error

Try These One By One And Check:

  • Deactivating plugins to check for Defected plugin.
  • Finding issues by debugging your site.
  • Checking File and Folders Permissions and Make Sure They have the Right file permissions.
  • Upload fresh wp-content and wp-includes folders to your site.
  • Ask your host provider if the issue is on the server. And Submit A Support Ticket There.

If You Need More Help Just Comment Below. We Will Help You For Free And Fast. So Guys Don’t Forget To Comment Below And Share Your Thoughts.

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