So I am a recent graduate from a top California law school, I take the bar exam in 2 weeks, and I already have a full-time attorney job for one of the Big-Four Accounting Firms, which I will go back to as soon as I take the bar exam. BUT, I have always wanted to be a news anchor, and recently saw a job posting from our town’s most popular local news station calling for a weekend ‘weather anchor/meteorologist’, and I really want to go for it. I have numerous questions and concerns, but I’ll start with background before I ask them.

To give you some insight: I love my law job, and it comes with a good salary and work-life balance (at least while I’m a young staff member and not in charge as an upper-level important manager). The job is also incredibly hard to get, and I feel incredibly lucky to have it. I love my co-workers, and feel inspired by my bosses, which I think is a pretty rare find. I also just spent 3.5 years of my life dredging through law school, and feel a certain level of commitment to my job in the legal world since I’ve had to go through hell to get here, and I do enjoy the work to be sure, though it is definitely strenuous, as most lawyer work is.

I am definitely type-A and not someone who will leave a stable job to jump out there in a field that might not work out and that I don’t otherwise have any security in. I am known to be the bubbly, social friend, and definitely have a natural knack for being charismatic, and not afraid of the camera. I would like to think I am an attractive person (25 female), and I have a pretty good Instagram following (for someone who is just a normal person anyways: 1307 followers) I worry that I am coming off braggy, I hope it isn’t taken that way, I’m just trying to give detail in demonstrating that my natural personality and skill set lead me to believe I would be a great news anchor, with many of my friends making mention of this.

Third, I have absolutely no experience in meteorology. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with minors in Journalism and Studio Art, and a J.D. (law school degree) so I have educational exposure to journalism, but no actual broadcasting experience. I’ve looked up online programs that do certifications in Broadcast Meteorology, but I don’t know if that is sufficient to give me the requisite knowledge to be a broadcast meteorologist, or if it would require much more or much less for me to qualify. I graduated from a top law school, and believe myself to be a more-than-capable individual intelligence-wise, and have adept social skills, but I’m just not sure if that would be enough to become a Weekend Weather Anchor.

I am calling for advice on numerous fronts:

  1. Is there even the potential for me to get this job if I apply? (Might they look past my lack of experience?)

The ad calls for 3-5 years experience and ‘a bachelors degree preferred’ (which I have, but not in meteorology), but I think if they thought I had the potential to be an amazing newbie candidate they might go for it. I have no idea if they would be willing to hire someone with zero experience in the field despite my potential. I think I could evidence my competence, but I just don’t know if they’ll look past my lack of meteorology degree and experience. Which brings me to my next question:

2) Is an online certificate for a meteorology program in any way helpful/sufficient? If not, is it possible for me to become competent enough in Meteorology to be a broadcaster, or is this something that I’m overthinking that they might be willing to look past?

I know zero about the weather forecasting or meteorology, but like I said, I’m plenty competent and think I could definitely learn it, but not sure how long that would take. I am hoping someone could give me insight as to the breadth and depth of knowledge I would need to gain, in what areas, and how long it would take me, sufficient for me to be a weekend news anchor.

3) I have a full-time job, and I definitely don’t want to quit. Is it possible for me to keep my day job (with 8-6, M-F hours) and take on a job as a weekend weather anchor? I love my current job, but would love to take this on long-term and maybe even give up my law-job down the road if I am able to be successful as an anchor. I am not sure if being a weekend weather anchor requires full time hours, or if it is something I could manage with my current job in the picture as well. I was born and raised in the area, have lived here all my life, and have a commitment to staying here, so I would hope to show them my loyalty to the position and the community.

Ultimately, I think I have a lot going for me: brains, looks/tv personality, on-air charisma, commitment to the community…but absolutely zero knowledge of weather forecasting, and even less broadcasting experience. I definitely have the potential to learn, but not sure its enough. Any meteorologists out there that have some helpful advice? I just want to know if this is something potentially doable or if I just need to drop it and move on. I hope I didn’t come off like a total dingus, but trying to get some candid advice from people with the knowledge base to speak on it.

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time reading my agonizingly long post and for your helpful advice.

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