Ok so this has been bugging the hell outa me for a few weeks now but,, clouds are cool personally the idea of large masses of air rising and falling fascinates me to my core. So let me get straight to the point, while scrolling over the tubes I found this gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JqaFAzR7Wo and I had to know more. Sadly this was to no avail as any search of “indoor cloud” brought up either elementary school level “cloud in a bottle experiment” or some guy vaping in a room. So my question to this humble sub reddit is

A. how exactly something like this is formed. Like how is a layer like that formed?

and my most important question

B. could something like this be scaled to a 10ft room if I had total control over temperature and humidity in said room.

sorry if this is a lot I just love cloud formation. I was able to create something similar in the bathroom using candles.I turned the shower all the way hot and let the bathroom fill with steam no vent fan. of course hot steam still rose out sucking cold dry air underneath the door and over time created this really cool very faint but with a clear boundary fog. then using a candle I lit it and place it on the floor creating really cool plums that stoped about mid-air forming what I would call anti clouds or pockets of hot dry air.

thanks for any help ๐Ÿ™‚

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