Some of you may remember this post from just a couple of months ago:

Son (8 yo) is obsessed with weather (NY) from meteorology

Just wanted to give a quick update based on a lot of the suggestions I was given.

  1. We attended a local event not long after my original post, he loved the stuff on volcanoes, tornadoes and hurricanes. No surprise there.

  2. We are planning on going to Boston in 2 weeks for the AMS kids event. He’s looking forward to it.

  3. He got a Weatherflow weather station for Christmas. He likes looking at all the stats, but we’re really not sure what to do with all of it. He likes predicting weather and I have to educate myself as to what all these numbers mean. I have absolutely no idea what Dew Point, Sea Level Pressure and all that means. Like seriously, I have no idea what any of this means. Time to do some research. Here’s what a weatherflow report shows you:

  4. I got him a journal so he can keep records each day and perhaps the patterns will help us predict future weather?

  5. I got him a membership to cloud appreciation society.

Gonna keep plugging away… until he discovers girls.

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