For years I’ve been obsessed with what Nimbostratus looks like, as in a cross section. It’s hard to tell from the ground. Many descriptions show it as being a low cloud, basically thick Stratocumulus, others as thick frozen cloud like Altostratus (similar to a decaying Cumulonimbus) and some show it as a multi-level cloud like some kind of layered Cumulonibus. Personally I Think of it as most like the second description, mid to high level, and mostly ice, a direct evolution of Altostratus. Does anyone know for sure about the height and depth of nimbostratus? How does air rise and fall within it? (I assume it rises more gently and less vertically than in CB). Maybe I’m just uninformed but as far as i know there is no generally accepted understanding of Nimbostratus, and I think it may even be that what we call Nimbostratus is actually two kinds of stratiform rain cloud, one from thick AS and the other from thick SC.

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