What is Google AMP? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Google AMP advantages and disadvantage

Do you know what Google AMP is, what is Accelerated Mobile Pages? A lot of people still do not know about this if you are one of them, then it is not a shame to say that in the coming days, Google brings new technology and in this way, everyone will know every information ever and sometime Meets. Let’s get you the information of Google AMP here today. If you do not know then I will just tell you what Google Accelerated mobile pages are, and I will also tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of Google AMP?

Whenever you search something from the Google search engine on your smartphone, you have ever noticed that a symbol like AMP ⚡️ looks like this. Have you ever noticed about it? Yes, you must have seen this mark as to why many websites are using the Google AMP feature today. Search any keyword and you will see that some of those results are of a symbol with AMP. In the websites that you see these symbols, you understand that they are using Google AMP. The most eagerness of this is that the website loads very fast and opens its page in mobile.

How is Google AMP beneficial for SEO?

AMP Benefits

What is the significance of this? And what is the use of Google AMP? Is it right to use a blog or website or wrong? If you want to clear your doubts like this, then read this post from start to finish. Why do I have Google AMP in this post and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Learn about it in details Below.

What is Google AMP?

What is Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages are called Google AMP in short form only. It’s an open source framework that creates an AMP page of any website’s page that allows the website to open quickly in a mobile phone in a very short time. When a Google AMP plugin is installed in a website, it also creates a separate AMP page in addition to all its canonical pages. And when a smartphone user opens that page in his phone, the AMP page opens instead of the canonical page but it opens very quickly.

For this, AMP uses JavaScript, AMP HTML, and AMP Cache. From the canonical page, the same content is displayed in the AMP Page as the user gets his information completed. It does not show any more things. Which cause the page to be very lightweight and opens at a high-speed.

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Nowadays everyone has a smartphone in their hands and people use the Smartphone as they wake up in the morning and sleep at night. We all know very well that most people work on smartphones. Use computers very little. 70 -80% of people use Smartphones only for web-browsing. This figure is too much compared to the computer.

There was a time when all the work was done by computer. There was no other way to do online related work without a computer. But Smartphones solved all the difficulties.

The more traffic on Website / Blog also comes from the Smartphone. Since now, most of the people in Smartphones use the Internet and browsing. Keeping this in view, the AMP was started. Its speciality is that it opens webpages as soon as it blows. This makes any kind of Blog / Website worthy of Superfast Browsing.

How are Google AMPs implemented for SEO?

How Google AMP Affects SEO

There are many such areas where internet connectivity is not good and speed is also very low. It is difficult to use the Internet in such an area and open any webpage in it. AMP is also a very good option in those areas, which also opens the page very quickly, even with Low Connection Speed.

According to Google’s Survey, it has been found that when any user opens a website’s page. So just waiting for 2 -3 Seconds to open the page. In such a situation, if the website takes too much time then User takes its information from any other website. Even if you have written High-Quality Content on your website, but due to the website’s speed decreasing, people leave before the page opens. Now you just think that if you use AMP, then it will cut your website’s time to lot Gives.

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Using the AMP, the website opens from 1 second to the working time. So you have now understood that using it can increase our traffic much and provides a provides a good browsing experience to AMP User. When the website’s loading speed is less than the traffic will also increase and that’s why AMP supports SEO very much. If the website speed is good then the user also affects the user and comes back to the website.

How did Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) begin?

Google AMP Works

In order to improve the performance of the mobile web, Google has announced on 7 October 2007 About The Google AMP Project by talking to companies related to News Publishers and Technology. 30 news publishers and technology companies such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and WordPress have started this project with Google.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source website publishing technology that was designed to improve the website’s performance. And better services can be provided to users. Google showed users the mobile search results for the first time in February 2016 in the Web pages of AMP Version. In the same year, Facebook Instant Articles was also launched which was considered as a competitor of Google AMP.

This way AMP started, and now too many websites have an AMP version.

How does Google AMP work?

How Google AMP Works
Google AMP

Google accelerated mobile pages works in the Open Web and supports it in almost every browser. When an AMP version of a website is created, a link is created for the AMP Page in the HTML Tag inside the Source Code of the website. This way, the page of AMP Version of any website is also displayed when creating the NON-AMP version of the website.

The website’s AMP pages are quickly viewed by web crawlers, so those who are search engines and referring websites first search the link of the AMP Version compared to the standard version.

Google AMP is very useful for SEO because it loads very fast pages. What is the reason for the AMP Pages being so fast loaded? Accelerated Mobile Pages are very fast loads because only the main content of Standard Page is shown in AMP Page. Widgets and extra content that are in Standard Page are not loaded in the AMP version. This way the page size is greatly reduced and the AMP page loads with super fast speed. According to Google reports that AMP pages which Google shows in search results take less than 1 second to Load AMP Pages. It is 10 times fewer data than standard Page.

AMP System is Divided among 3 Main Parts.
Google AMP



This works only on HTML language. The contents of the website are set according to their needs.

AMP JavaScript

Google AMP

It manages the contents of the main source and loads the AMP Page quickly.

Google AMP Cache’s

Google AMP

Most of the AMP pages are displayed by Google AMP Caches.

But apart from this, there are other companies who support AMP Cache.

One of Then is “Cloudflare” which offers AMP Cache. This Also, Offers Free Service.

Benefits of Google AMP

Benefits of Google AMP

All of you know that in today’s time 70-80% people use Smartphone for browsing. If we want to bring more traffic to our website then AMP is a better option. If users get less load time then the speed of the website will be more and it will be easy to browse. In this case, due to good website speed, site reputation will be good in the user and traffic will increase further.

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AMP is good for SEO because Web crawlers search AMP pages faster than Normal pages. And thus, Organic Traffic will increase even more. Also, you can also set up Auto Ads in Google AMP.

Google AMP Damage – Disadvantage of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Disadvantage of Google AMP
Google AMP

To load the website quickly, only the main content is shown on the page of AMP Version. The AMP version also has the option of applying Adsense for Google Adsense. But in AMP pages there is a fewer number of shows in Google Adsense or other advertisements. The impression is very low and due to this revenue is a lot.

Apart from that, there is no option of the comment box, then the user has to go to a non-AMP page. There is also a need to pay for applying favourit themes. There are just a few themes for free.

Once you have enabled AMP in your website then Google will index only AMP pages in your website’s mobile. If you disable Google AMP in this condition, indexing all pages will result in a 404 error message. There is a lot of posts in much bigger websites, so posting so many posts is a very difficult task to disable AMP.


How do you feel about this post-Google AMP (What is Google AMP)? I hope you have very important information related to it. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Google AMP here? Apart from this, we also know how Google AMP works? In the era of Smartphone, everyone now wants to reach hers, Google has made a big difference in bringing AMP into it. If you are happy with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages information, then share this post with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram.

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Related to AMP If any kind of problem is coming to you then you can ask in the comment box. We will do Our best to solve your problems For Free.

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